This is the privacy policy of Talent Solutions GmbH for users of myVeeta. It refers to all private individuals (e.g. applicants, job seekers or talents) who register at myVeeta, either directly on, or in the course of joining the myVeeta talent pool of a company.

Which of my data does myVeeta store/use?

You can provide us with some or all of the following data when registering. This data will be stored and used by us until you revoke your permission:

  • Personal data (name, salutation, address and date of birth).
  • Contact details (incl. e-mail address and telephone number)
  • Curriculum vitae (incl. education, work experience, skills, language skills, attachments etc.)
  • Professional expectations (desired job, preferred place of work, salary expectations etc.)

To ensure that the companies whose talent pool you have joined can find and contact you for suitable positions, the following is also recorded for each company

  • the communication history with you (via e.g. e-mail, SMS, WhatsApp)
  • a text comment and
  • one or more categories (e.g. “tags”).

If a company requires additional information from you when you join their talent pool (e.g. information about certain certifications, driving licence, etc.), this information will also be requested and stored when you join the talent pool and will be available to this company.

You have the right to know at any time which data we store about you. To do so, please contact us at

Important: Please never enter sensitive personal information such as your religion, health, ethnic origin etc. – this is nobody’s business but your own! We will never ask for such information, so please make sure you don’t include it in your CV yourself.

What happens with my data?

When you register with myVeeta, we use (“process”) your personal data (see below) as follows:

We store your data on our own, secure server in the EU. When you join a company’s talent pool…

  • we give the company access to your personal data as part of their myVeeta Talent pool. It will be available for them until you leave their talent pool (i.e. until you remove the company from the “My Companies” list in your myVeeta profile).
  • we allow that company to send you messages. By e-mail, and – if you wish – also by SMS, WhatsApp or another channel.

If you apply to a company using myVeeta, then…

  • we send the company your application (cover letter, job info) and your personal data (see above).
  • you also have the option of registering in the company’s myVeeta talent pool during your application. If you do so, your personal data will also be available to the company in its myVeeta talent pool after the application process has been completed, see above.

We will sometimes send you messages about career-related topics. In particular, we remind you to update your CV if you haven’t done so for a while. We collect anonymous statistics on users and usage of myVeeta to improve the services of myVeeta for users and companies.

Who gets access to my data?

We only share your data with a company if you want to join their myVeeta talent pool or apply to them over myVeeta. The only exception to this are our “service providers”, i.e. other companies that support us in providing the services of myVeeta with things like web hosting, reading out CVs (“parsing”), creating graphical CVs as PDFs etc. These companies also get your data, but of course they comply with all European data protection laws (in particular DSGVO) and we have corresponding contracts with them (e.g. “order processor contracts” according to DSGVO).

How can I change or completely delete my data?

You can change, add to or delete your data on myVeeta at any time. You can also withdraw from corporate talent pools at any time, or delete your myVeeta account completely. By doing so, you automatically revoke your consent to the storage/use of your data by the respective company or by myVeeta and your data is automatically deleted accordingly. To do so, please use your myVeeta access (see, or simply contact us at if you have any questions.

I have applied to a company over myVeeta

If you apply to a company via myVeeta, your application (data listed above plus an optional cover letter and job information) will be forwarded by myVeeta to the respective company. If you indicated at the beginning of the online application that you would also like to join the company’s myVeeta talent pool, then you will also be registered in this pool (see above). Otherwise, the data you entered will only be forwarded to the company or completely deleted at the end of the application process.

Questions and complaints

If you have any questions about this data protection statement or would like to request information about which of your data we store and how we use it, please contact us at You can also find further information at

If you wish to file a complaint about myVeeta’s use of your data, please contact the relevant national supervisory authority (e.g. data protection authority).