One manager for each job applicant: myVeeta.com manages applications - and the contact with favorite employers.

vCampus Wien

Various features help create the necessary documents, reduce many troublesome steps and keep a history of all application activities.


With the independent platform myVeeta.com there is now an online service which supports job seekers.

Börse Express

With myVeeta, job seekers can create, manage and send out their CVs and job applications through a modern, optimized online interface.

Kleine Zeitung

The new platform creates job application documents and sends automated application emails which  are perfectly formatted for company recruiters.

Oe3 Radio

With myVeeta you can now store all necessary documents in one place, you can communicate with employers, and if are not familiar with something you get help.  

Die Presse

The MS-Word odyssey is finally over: our start-up of the week myVeeta takes care of the job application.


The job application portal myVeeta will simplify applying for jobs and reduce administrative efforts to a minor task.


Only the user decides which company gets access to their personal data.

Der Brutkasten

If only job applications were as simple as posting photos on Instagram. Two entrepreneurs from Vienna have tackled this problem.

Finally an end to the enervating Word odyssee...

- Andreas H., Student

Feature Overview

CV Assistent

Reliable support when creating your CV.

Application Assistent

Create your cover letter, easily add testimonies and documents

Easy CV management

Enter your CV once, keep it up-to-date and use it anywhere.


Download your formatted CV any time.

... and then I sent my CV to eight other companies where I had applied in the past. You never know.

- Thomas M., project manager

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