Leading companies trust myVeeta

Because myVeeta is more than a TRM system

Better results, much less effort

Larger pool, more talents

myVeeta uses the fastest, most flexible registration on the market. You just can’t make it easier for your talents.

Up to date talent CVs with zero effort

myVeeta ensures that talents regularly update their profile, so you don’t have to. This reduces your effort up to 90%.

Contact at eye level

E-mail is out. Communicate with talents easily over modern channels like WhatsApp, Telegram or SMS.

Highest reponse rate

Talents receive your messages over their favorite communication channel – SMS, WhatsApp, Telegram or e-mail. This is why 95% respond.

Remarkable employer brand

Show your talents how important they are to you. With a TRM system that’s optimized for talents and modern, mobile communication.

Get the best out of your resources

Thanks to up to date talent profiles, you can find exactly the right talents for your TRM activities. And target them with optimal, individual activities.

The all-inclusive solution

Strategy + concept

Who is your target group? How can you reach them? And how  can you get the best our of your talent pool? We help you to answer all of these questions and create an individual timetable for your myVeeta implementation.

Cutting-edge TRM system

myVeeta is one of the currently most advanced TRM system. With cutting-edge user experience for both talents and recruiters, continuously updated talent profiles, mobile messaging and many other features that make TRM simple and effective.

Training + consulting

We train and consult your recruiters regularly, keep you updated about current trends and show you examples for successful TRM activities of other companies. And you can always reach out to us in case you have any further questions.

Outsourcing services

Designing your event invitations, executing e-mail campaigns or renting you tablets for the next career fair: myVeeta not just supports you with experience and know-how, but also with professional implementation of your projects.

Content included

To address your talents individually you need various texts and content. From talent pool invitations to online content and job offers: The myVeeta Content Library provides you with a lot of inspiration and many proven content examples.

How could your company benefit from myVeeta? Find out more!