“myVeeta combines the attractivity of a talent platform with all features of an enterprise TRM system”

Georg Schlotter
Global CHRO, Oerlikon OSS

Built around your talents

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The more attractive your TRM system is for talents, the more will sign up. And return later to keep their CVs up to date. That’s why myVeeta was built with a focus on talents, not companies.

Simple, convenient web interface makes it quick and easy for your talents to update their CV

A lot of added value for talents such as built-in CV management or professional CV designs

Full transparency
Talents have full control over their data. 100% GDPR compliant.

Minimising talents’ efforts as they update their CV in all myVeeta talent pools, in which they signed up, with just one click

The perfect registration for every target group

Talents from very different target groups can register in your talent pool very quickly and easily thanks to appealing, flexible registration masks.

With or without CV?
The ideal registration method for each of your target groups, taylored to their requirements

60-second chat registration
with or without CV upload. For pupils, students, blue collar workers or at career fairs.

1-click CV registration
via PDF upload or social profile. For those target groups where a CV is necessary.

100% mobile first
User-friendly, responsive, branded forms increase conversion rate significantly

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Talents' CVs stay up to date - automatically

Reach talents via mobile channels

For a talent pool to be successful, talents need to keep their CVs up-to-date. But reminding talents to do so regularly is very tedious, time-consuming work for companies. And automatic, generic reminder e-mails just don’t work.

That’s why myVeeta reminds and motivates talents on a personal level to keep their CVs updated.

myVeeta motivates talents
to update their CV. With individual, personal messages coming from real people.

Award-winning web interface
makes it dead-simple for talents to keep their CV updated

Micro updates
allow talents to keep their CVs updated easily, with zero effort

Always updated CVs
help you to address the right talents with relevant content, events or job offers.

Mobile communication built-in

Do you still use e-mail for private communication? Most of your talents don’t. Communicate with them over state of the art channels such as WhatsApp, Telegram or SMS.

Mobile communication
fully integrated and convenient. Via WhatsApp, Telegram, SMS or good old e-mail

Talents choose their favorite channel to communicate, over 70% select WhatsApp or SMS

Quick, direct contact
with talents. 99% of mobile messages are opened, with a response rate of more than 95%.

Modern and relevant
Mobile channels present a modern, interesting employer image

No extra effort
Sending and receiving mobile messages is directly built in to myVeeta. No other tools required.

Future proof
New messaging channels are added continuously

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Talent discovery made easy

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Modern, intuitive web interface makes talent management, discovery and communication easier than ever.

Modern, intuitive app for recruiters with the look & feel of popular online shopping and hotel booking websites

Powerful talent management with custom pipelines, tagging, star rating, individual comments and much more

All talent activity at a glance
thanks to a graphic talent timeline with all activities and messages

Smart reminders showing various contact opportunities with talents

Smart communication with each talent over their preferred channel – WhatsApp, Telegram, SMS or e-mail

Stand-alone or enterprise
with modern, open API and interfaces to various HR and recruiting systems

Smarter reporting

Talent Relationship Management without measuring access is a blind flight. myVeeta shows you the most important KPIs for your talent pool in an instant. So you can invest your resources into the optimal talent acquisition measures.

Attractive, informative reports quickly show success and growth of your talent pool

Custom reports
answering your individual questions can be designed and implemented very quickly

Offline or interactive
Explore your reports using an interactive web interface, or get them delivered into your e-mail inbox

Business intelligence
myVeeta uses the award-winning Tableau BI platform to master every possible reporting challenge