Reaching talents on mobile channels

Beiersdorf quickly and easily built up their own, effective talent pool using myVeeta.

Staying in contact with talents is now possible over mobile channels like WhatsApp or SMS. This accommodates the talents’ expectations and conveys a modern candidate experience.

Up-to-date CVs: The basis of an effective talent pool

With over 20.000 employees worldwide, Beiersdorf has a lot to do in the area of recruiting. To leverage their own talent pipeline, a few years ago Beiersdorf implemented their first talent relationship management solution – not myVeeta.

However, their talent CVs didn’t stay up-to-date, so regular LinkedIn and Xing profile checks were necessary to stay up-to-date with the talent’s developments. This process was not only unpractical, but also very time consuming.

Beiersdorf started looking for a talent relationship management solution that would keep their talent CVs updated automatically – which it found in myVeeta.

curriculum vitae or resume

Tags, star ratings, talent pipelines, notes etc. make working with talent data simple and intuitive

Quick setup, easy handling

Another major requirement for the new TRM system, apart from up-to-date CVs, was great usability: Recruiters should be able to handle the tool intuitively, without extensive trainings, and collaborate with all recruiting team colleagues easily.

Also, the quick and easy implementation of myVeeta was an important aspect. With a total project duration of just a few weeks, myVeeta TRM strategy and measures had been defined, recruiters were on-boarded, the new talent pool was implemented in all employer marketing measures and ready to use.

An uncomplicated, very direct collaboration between Beiersdorf and myVeeta was the base for defining and implementing all requirements in such a very short time frame.

Portrait Joana

„My favourite feature is contacting candidates easily via WhatsApp and SMS. This improves the candidate experience and shows that talents are our main focus.”

Joana Hegemann, Senior Recruiter and Project Manager Personnel Marketing at Beiersdorf

Selective Talent Invitation

Invitations to the Beiersdorf talent pool are given out exclusively to selected talents. The target group mainly consists of qualified applicants who can’t be employed at the moment, as well as „Young Talents” looking for internships and opportunities to start their career. 

A personal talent pool invitation by Beiersdorf is the beginning of a long-term relationship. To select the right talents for their talent pool, an internal set of rules was developed, which defines the criteria for inviting and working with talents in the Beiersdorf talent pool.

Professional experience of talents

Talents decide over which channel they would like to
be contacted

Mobile communication strengthening candidate experience and employer brand

When it comes to communication, Beiersdorf uses mobile services to contact talents whenever possible. Communicating over WhatsApp and SMS isn’t just a very direct and uncomplicated way to stay in contact with talents, it also results in a very special, modern candidate experience and a dramatically increased response rate.

This conveys the employer brand of a modern and advanced company. So far, 81% of all talents in Beiersdorf’s talent pool want to be contacted via mobile channels.

Since each talent individually selects the channel over which they want to communicate, Beiersdorf’s recruiters don’t have to worry about the right choice of communication channel. They use a single web interface to send and receive messages to/from one or many talents at the same time, knowing that each talent receives their message in their favourite messaging app.

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