Pioneers of the future

innogy takes steps into a modern recruiting future with myVeeta. Within a short period of time the company managed to build up a talent pool, which grows by itself.

Open positions can now easily be filled by browsing the talent pool.

Bye "Post and Pray", Hello Active Sourcing

The innovative energy supplier innogy employs around 42.900 people in 16 EU countries, as well as Australia, the U.S. and Canada.

In 2018 the HR department of innogy decided to take steps into the future and to say goodbye to the “post and pray” principle (posting a job ad and praying for applications). Intensifying active sourcing was the answer to a changing labor market.

Invitation into the innogy “Pioneerpool”

Landing Page of innogy’s “Pioneerpool”

innogy's "Pioneerpool" is deployed

The newly founded active sourcing department quickly realized that relationships with talents over social networks (like LinkedIn) are very hard to manage, sustain and nurture. This led to the conclusion to implement an own talent pool.

After the decision to build up an own talent pool, myVeeta was made ready for use in a short time. After consulting the employer branding department, the data protection supervisor and the IT department,  first invitations into the innogy “Pioneerpool” were made.

Portrait Jasmin Yazgan

My favorite feature is definitely “CV sharing”. I can send the CV of a potential candidate to the responsible hiring manager with just one click.”

Jasmin Yazgan, Senior Recruiter at innogy

200 talents in the first week

“We aimed for 200 talents to join our talent pool in the first 6 months. It didn’t even take one week until the first 200 talents registered.“

Nowadays open positions are matched with talents in innogy’s “Pioneerpool” on a weekly bases.

Communiction with talents takes place primarily on mobile channels. Around 75% of talents want to be contacted via Whatsapp or SMS.

Kommunikationspräferenzen der Talente im Innogy Talente Pool

Preferred communication channels of the talents

Geographic distribution of talents

Highly qualified talents, welcome!

6 months after the introduction of myVeeta a regularity has set in and the innogy “Pioneerpool” is growing continuously and all by itself.

Reports show that especially highly qualified talents join the talent pool.

“Thanks to myVeeta we could establish a candidate network, which focuses exclusively on innogy. We know that the pioneers in our pool favor innogy as an employer.”


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