Implementing a modern TRM system

Wien Energie, Austria’s largest energy provider, decided to use their own talent pool to stay in contact with interesting talents, build long-term relationships with them and communicate a modern, attractive employer brand at the same time.

The idea: turning talents into future employees

With more than 2.000 employees, Wien Energie provides two million people with environmentally friendly energy, heat, e-mobility and telecommunication. While doing so, the long-established company sets targeted measures to show the modern and innovative employer brand.

In the past, these measures led to a significant number of contacts with possible future employees, that could not be pursued sufficiently and mostly came to nothing. In search of a solution for this problem, Wien Energie discovered myVeeta.


Focus on mobile communication and easy handling

A major requirement for the future TRM system was the option to communicate with talents using mobile channels. The goal was to enable a quick and easy exchange with talents and to emphasise the modern employer brand. With myVeeta, the company can now not only communicate with talents through e-mail, but also over WhatsApp, SMS and Telegram. They can address talents of their target group exactly through the channels they are already using to communicate every day. More than 71% of all talents want to receive messages from companies through mobile channels!

While choosing a suitable system, another important requirement was an easy and user-friendly handling: All stakeholders should be able to start working with the new tool as soon as possible and to use it intuitively. Another feature that proved to be important for the cross-departmental collaboration is the possibility to share interesting talents with colleagues from the respective department – completely safe and GDPR-compliant.

Collectively planning and translating into action

In a joint workshop, Wien Energie and the experts of myVeeta’s Customer Success team worked out a talent relationship management strategy, goals and concrete measures for implementing and using the new system. A main focus of this workshop was to ensure the seamless cooperation of employer branding and recruiting department in order to leverage the talent potential across all divisions.

myVeeta supported Wien Energie not only with advice, but also with examples and recommendations such as text suggestions, design ideas and best practices for landing page, career site and employer branding material.

Landing page of Wien Energie’s “Energy Talent Community”

“The myVeeta team is always there for us when we need help and always provides great support! During implementation, I often admired our contact persons at myVeeta for their patience.”

Andrea König, Employer Branding Specialist at Wien Energie

Talent Pool_talents EN

Manage and organise talents from different touchpoints in one tool

The simple and quick way to a new talent pool

Thanks to the uncomplicated and active collaboration of Wien Energie and myVeeta, the new talent pool was ready to use very quickly. The company can now manage and organise talents from different touchpoints in one tool and can stay in contact and build long-term relationships with them.

Using myVeeta, Wien Energie can communicate its culture and values in a very modern and active way, presenting their company as an interesting and attractive employer to future employees.

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